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Food Wars! Shokugeki No Soma *SKCT-20082301*

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Food Wars!

Shokugeki No Soma

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SKU NUMBER: *SKCT-20082301*




Complete Collection Boxset (Year 2022)


Complete Series: Season 1+2+3+4+5 (Vol. 1-86 End) + 5 OVAs

1) Food Wars! Season 1 (Vol. 1-24 End) Eng/Jap Version

2) Food Wars! Season 2 (Vol. 1-13 End) Eng/Jap Version

3) Food Wars! Season 3 "San No Sara" (Vol. 1-12 End) Eng/Jap Version

4) Food Wars! Season 3 (Part II) "Toutsuki Ressha-Hen" (Vol. 1-12 End) Eng/Jap Version

5) Food Wars! Season 4 "Shin No Sara" (Vol. 1-12 End) Eng/Jap Version

6) Food Wars! Season 5 "Gou No Sara" (Vol. 1-13 End) Eng/Jap Version



5 Bonus OVAs

(Japanese with English Subtitle)

1) Takumi's Downtown Battle

2) Erina's Summer Vacation

3) Autumn Moon's Chance Encounter

4) Totsuki Elite Ten

5) Erina At Polar Star Dormitory



New! English Audio Dub Version!*

(** Except The 5 OVAs **)


- All Region / Region 0 -


Condition: Authentic, Brand NEW, Original Factory Sealed

Episode: 1-86 (End) + 5 OVAs

No. of Discs: DVD x 4pcs


* Region Code: All Region/Region FREE "0"

(Able to play on any DVD Players throughout the World)


Audio Language: English* / Japanese

Subtitles: English / Chinese




Souma Yukihira has been cooking alongside his father Jouichirou for as long as he can remember. As a sous chef at his father's restaurant, he has spent years developing his culinary expertise and inventing new dishes to amaze their customers. He aspires to exceed his father's skill and take over the restaurant one day, but he is shocked to learn that Jouichirou is closing up the shop to take a job in New York.


Rather than tagging along with his father, Souma finds himself enrolling at the prestigious Tootsuki Culinary Academy, where only 10 percent of its students end up graduating. The school is famous for its "Shokugeki"—intense cooking competitions between students often used to settle debates and arguments. Jouichirou tells Souma that to surpass him and survive the next three years at Tootsuki and graduate there.


The academy's brutal curriculum and fiercely competitive student body await the young chef, who must learn to navigate the treacherous environment if he wants to stand a chance at realizing his dreams. But is skill alone enough to let him rise to the top?