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DVD Anime Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Part 1: (1-13 End) English, All Region *SKCT-210923026*

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DVD Anime Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Part 1: (1-13 End) English, All Region


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SKU NUMBER: *SKCT-210923026*


Thousand-Year Blood War


(Bleach: Sennen Kessen-Hen)


BLEACH 千年血戦篇



(Part 1)


TV Series


Volume 1-13 End



*NEW! English Audio Dubbed Version

Optional: Japanese with English Subtitle


ALL Region / Region Free



Condition: Authentic Brand NEW,Original Factory Sealed.


Episode: Vol. 1-13 End (Part 1)

No. of Discs: DVD x 1pc

Region Code: ALL Region, Region FREE "0"

(Able to play on DVD Players throughout the World)


Audio Language: English / Japanese

Subtitles: English / Chinese






Heisaki Ichiko, who gained the power of the god of death in an encounter and became the "agent of the god of death",


In the turmoil of the corpses and souls world, where the souls of the dead gathered, they grew up with their companions in the fierce battle. Because of Ichigo's life, the empty town he lives in has changed. The appearance of a new god of death and a new enemy, and the cry for help. Once again, Ichigo picked up the soul-cutting knife and set foot on the battlefield. On the other hand, it was observed in the necropolis that the void in the world suddenly and continuously disappeared, and the residents of Liuhun Street, where the souls were led to live, disappeared, and Jinglingting, the spirit house where the gods of death were stationed, was attacked by the thieves. The true identity of the bandit army is to destroy the "invisible empire" led by the founder of the division, Youhabah. The "invisible empire" declared war on the gods of death. Five days later, the world of corpses and souls was wiped out by the "invisible empire", which had been the fate of the gods of death for thousands of years.


The fateful and hidden truth was finally revealed. Everything is coming to an end. The final battle begins with Ishiko Kurasaki——


Director: Zhijiu Taguchi


Screenplay: Jiubao Dairen/Taguchi Zhijiu/Hiramatsu Masuki


Leading actors: Shinichi Morita/Tomiko Fukui/Taro Tei/Jiji Sugiyama/Kentaro Ito/Yuki Matsuoka/Lumei Park/Takashi Kan/Fast Water Award/Tsuichi Keiyama/Shinichiro Miyaki/Yoshiki Onwon/Akikukuki Oishino/May Kono Sakaya Ono/Akira Takaoka/Fako Sangjima/Kenji Sakai/Miyukawa Ayaya/Hiroshi Inada/Akira Otsuka/Yoshihiro Sugida/Takashi Nakao/Hiroshi Tomiya/Hiroshi Ishikawa/Nakami /Yoshi Ueda/Zhimura Zhixing/Sato Linai/Heng Songbu/Yuichiro Meihara/Junsuke Takeuchi/Chuda Cainai/Yoshiki Ono/Nishiyama/Xiashu Huajiang/Cong Hino


Type: action/animation/fantasy/adventure


Official website:


First broadcast: 2022-10-10 (Japan/Chinese Mainland)


Number of episodes: 13


Single episode length: 24 minutes


Also known as: A New Chapter of Realm/BLEACH Millennium Blood War/Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War