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Ishuzoku Reviewers ( Interspecies Reviewers ) *SKCT-23061901*

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Ishuzoku Reviewers

( Interspecies Reviewers )

Weight: 134g

SKU NUMBER: *SKCT-23061901*




Original Uncut Version


Original Uncensored Version!


Complete TV Series ( Volume 1-12 End )



- All Region / Region Free -

English Subtitle


Condition: Authentic, Brand NEW, Original Factory Sealed.

Episode: 1-12 End

No. of Discs: DVD x 1pc


* Region Code: All Region/Region FREE "0" (Able to play on any DVD Players throughout the World)

Audio Language: Japanese

Subtitles: English




Stunk, a human, and Zel, an elf, are two adventurers who enjoy frequenting brothels. They write reviews of their experiences, which are posted at the local tavern, and others find them quite informative in helping decide what species to have sex with, making the duo a lot of money. With their newfound source of income, Stunk, Zel and Crim, a fallen angel the pair rescued, endeavor to have sex with women of every species in the world.